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Words - The Blog

This section of Copywriter Pro is the interactive bit – the blog.

I’ll be filling it with tidy titbits and helpful hints from the world of Copywriting – anything from ‘How To Work Out That Killer Headline’ to ‘5 Business Letter Mistakes To Avoid’.

All posts are organised in Categories – they’re all on the right, so you can pick through the topics that interest you.

But Words is about more than imparting pearls of wisdom. There’s also an element of fun to it. You’ll also find a Category called Flotsam and Jetsam, with an assortment of Quotes, Poems, Puzzles, Articles and Games – all based around the theme of Words. Essentially, it’s our verbal playground. Do join us!

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Be bloody, bold and resolute!

northampton copywriter

Sometimes when we write, we’re inclined to be a little timid -

For example,

1. If you’d like to place an order, fill in this form.
2. We can deliver your consignment the following day.

3. If you’d like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Aren’t these just too polite, almost deferential?

Let’s be confident.  After all, confidence is an attractive quality and we all want our goods or services to be attractive, don’t we?

I'm awesome - no really I am. Someone told me only this morning.

authentic newsletters northampton

Apparently I'm awesome.
No - really.  I must be.
Well, at least that's what some clever marketing whizzo thinks.

I've rarely felt so insulted.
I signed up for a trial version of a Keyword Search Tool, only to be greeted with a newsletter beginning 'Hi. You're awesome.'

So you think you know what matters to your potential customers?

web content

Take a look at these survey results …
and maybe think again about how you structure your website

I’ve just completed a survey.  You might find the results interesting.  In fact, they might make you take a second look at how you prioritise your website pages.


OK - it’s a small sample; just my own database - but the response rate was pretty good - 27%.

Words - the heavy lifters of the marketing sector

copywriting northamptonshire

Why is copywriting the Cinderella of marketing? For too many businesses, good copy is just an afterthought.

A business owner wants a new website, he gets excited about dazzling design, gorgeous graphics, fantastic functionality.

But, he hardly gives a thought to the copy - those boring little squiggly things called words.
Of course, web design matters but the design is merely the canvas for the copy.

Newsletters. How often? Maybe Ted could teach us a thing or two

newsletter frequency

Meet Ted.  (Forgive the photo.  He was recovering from a heavy night)
He's my grandson and he loves bubbles.
Who doesn't?
Take one of those little cylinders of soap and blow bubbles through the little plastic hoop - he’ll mercilesly chase each one down.
He’ll blow them, kick them, stamp on them, splat them between his pudgy little hands.
All with a big laughing grin spread across his lovely face.

Don't put the cart before the horse

Make your sentences pack a punch

What do you make of these sentences?

"Start using our great new CRM system to improve your efficiency."

"Call us today to find out more."

"The directors are facing some tough decisions, if they want to sort out this mess."

Notice anything odd about them?

Avoid cliches like the plague

Don't you hate cliches?

I do.  I reckon we all do - well, at least those of us who care about using language to communicate clearly and effectively.

First off, clichés are boring.  In fact, they're so boring, that when I come across more than two or three in one piece of text, my knees ache.  But what upsets me about clichés more than anything else is that they’re a symptom of my other pet hate - laziness.


This time it's personal

northampton copywriter

Use empathy to engage your readers

Remember those heady days when mail merge was first available for PC users?
You do?  I’m not sure I believe you.  No matter.  If you truly are that old, you’ll recall the excitement -

"Great!  Now we can write like this …


Promises Promises

northampton copywriter

Do you remember this ad?

You do?  Wow!  That's some confession.  You must be nearly as old as me.

Next question.

Will you admit to sending off for the Charles Atlas body-building programme?  OK - me neither.

Those body-building ads ran longer than any other ads in history, so they must have had something going for them.

But what was it that made them so effective?

If? If? What do you mean IF?!?

northampton content for websites

Writing a great Call-to-Action

At the end of an ad, how often do you read this?

“If you’d like to order, please call us on ...”
“If you want to find out more, then reply today …”
“If you’re looking for a great way to earn money from home, then get in touch …”

These are all examples of what those marketing folk label a Call To Action (CTA).

We write Words -
Words for Websites, Newsletters, Social Media.
If your words are online, we'll write them.

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