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LinkedIn Profiles and Pages from the Northampton Copywriting Agency

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is a great way to engage your clients, customers, fellow professionals and potential employers.  To tell them what you’re up to, what you're working on and what you believe in.  I write LinkedIn Profiles and Pages.  I understand what works and what doesn’t and how to keep your clients, both actual and potential in touch with what you're up to.

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LinkedIn Management from the Northampton Copywriting Agency

Using the power of serious online networking to engage with your customers and enhance your career prospects

How can you tell if LinkedIn is right for your business?
It’s all about Dialogue.

  • Is your business one which people chat about?
  • Is it customer centred?

If so, then LinkedIn is for you.

I like to call it Facebook for 'grown-ups'.
It’s one of the best ways to keep your clients in touch with what’s going on with you and with your company.

LinkedIn is great for spreading the word about

  • Events
  • Promotions
  • New Products or Services
  • Anniversaries
  • Awards
  • Thoughts & Ideas

I understand the value of LinkedIn Profiles and LinkedIn Pages

Then there are LinkedIn Articles or 'posts'.  I love writing these.
Well-optimised blogs are a wonderful way to spread your word to the world and get the world to take part.
I relish the art of writing blogs in a conversational way – in your ‘voice’.

I have a thorough understanding of SEO - knowing where Search Engine Optimisation works for Social Media and were it doesn't.
I write LinkedIn copy in a way that will bring the best SEO benefits possible to your website.
I keep fully up to date with the latest releases from Google.


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