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Words - The Blog

This section of Copywriter Pro is the interactive bit – the blog.

I’ll be filling it with tidy titbits and helpful hints from the world of Copywriting – anything from ‘How To Work Out That Killer Headline’ to ‘5 Business Letter Mistakes To Avoid’.

All posts are organised in Categories – they’re all on the right, so you can pick through the topics that interest you.

But Words is about more than imparting pearls of wisdom. There’s also an element of fun to it. You’ll also find a Category called Flotsam and Jetsam, with an assortment of Quotes, Poems, Puzzles, Articles and Games – all based around the theme of Words. Essentially, it’s our verbal playground. Do join us!

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The Euro-elections - who won? Brexit, Remain, or the Copywriter's craft?

Or perhaps it was all three?

But first, let’s be clear -
this isn’t a party-political blog.
It's simply a sideways look at
the importance of ...
marketing clarity.


In Praise of Pedantry

northampton copywriting

In Praise of Pedantry

Why we should all be language nerds

My family is inclined to regard me as something of a pain.  I know - you’re right.  This is profoundly unfair.  But sadly, it’s true.

Chief among the aspects of my personality that appears to cause them such discomfort is my perceived linguistic pedantry.  My desire for everyone to ‘say it right’ drives them bonkers.  (yes, I confess - I do derive wicked pleasure in winding them up).

Fire That Copywriter - extract 3 - 'I' or 'We' - which should it be?

northamptonshire copywriter

Clients who are solo-professionals probably ask this question more than any other.  The dilemma is perfectly natural.  Think about it.  You work from home.  Maybe you have an office in the spare room.  Maybe you work at the kitchen table.  Nothing wrong with either.

Fire That Copywriter! Extract 2 - Addressing the Pain Points

Fire That Copywriter

........  There are many marketers who think
way too hard about their target reader.
Their theory goes like this  -


Before you write, build a picture of a single individual.  Ask yourself questions about them.  Are they a man or a woman?  What age are they?  What’s their occupation?  Are they single or married?  Do they have children?  How many?  How do they spend their spare time?  What are their achievements, their challenges, their hopes and aspirations?  What do they eat for lunch?  Finally, (would you believe it?) if they were an animal, what animal would they be?

Fire That Copywriter - extract 1 - First Impressions

COPYWRITING fire that copywriter


Extract1 - First Impressions



... Once you’ve settled on your website’s goal, you need to consider the best means towards achieving it.  Where better to start than with first impressions?

Number one - you need instant appeal.  No - not ‘need’.  You must have instant appeal.  The one question going through your visitor’s mind when they click to go through to your site is, to quote The Clash, ‘should I stay or should I go?’.

Don't let poor Microcopy ruin the customer experience

You’re visiting your new, favourite website.  Since coming across each other a few days ago, you and this site have become close.  The design is cool.  The images are striking.  The content is great too - not too waffly - and there’s something about the style that strikes just the right engaging tone.

This site has quickly become your new ‘best friend’.  So, it’s time to consummate this friendship, to properly engage with your new pal and sign up for the newsletter ...

3 little words ...

... to make your readers 'feel'

Maya Angelou.  Wasn’t she great?  Poet, singer, civil rights activist.  And of course, a great copywriter - although that might not be a word she'd have chosen!  She once wrote - and I love this -

“I’ve learned that -
People will forget what you said.
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Blog writer's block - the cure (part 2)

Northampton freelance blog writer

Use Lateral Thinking to break down Writer's Block

The blog from a few weeks back was about writer’s block - how to escape the writer’s curse with a spot of diligent research.

What's that?  You didn't read it?
Shame on you.  You'll find it here.  But this blog is about an alternative cure.  Remember Edward de Bono?  The man who first coined the phrase, 'Lateral Thinking' or ‘The Step-by-Step Guide to Creativity’?  Well, lateral thinking gives us a great way to burst through writer’s block.

Take the potter's route to copywriting perfection

northampton freelance copywriter

Listen to this blog

What does it take to write great copy?  What quality do you need to write words for your website, your sales letters and your blogs that are genuinely effective?

Is the answer ‘talent’?  Are bald, bespectacled, bearded 62-year olds natural-born, brilliant copywriters?  Don't answer that question.  Writing is a craft that can be learned.  To write well requires study and research, as well as a knowledge of grammar and syntax, not to mention the psychology of language.  But there’s a further element that is perhaps not understood.

Blog writer's block - the cure?

Blog writers block - cure it with research

Do you write a regular blog?  Or do you think you should write a regular blog, but you don’t … because of writer’s block.  Search online.  You’ll find hundreds of results for ‘writer’s block’.  Many of the articles advocate distraction - take a walk, cook a meal, phone a friend, bath the dog, cook the dog, bath a friend.  They might work for you.  They might not.  But whatever distraction technique we use, there’s no getting away from the harsh truth that, sooner or later, we must drag ourselves back to the PC and get serious about writing. <->


And sometimes we find that those clever, sometimes whacky distraction techniques haven't worked.

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