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Don't be bashful ...

Sunday, December 10, 2017
northampton freelance content writer

Bashful isn't beautiful.
Be bold!

Yesterday, a newsletter I hadn’t seen before nervously
poked its head into my inbox.
The subject was of no interest, but the writing style was.
What mood did it convey?
This image gives you a pretty good idea.
And do you know why it came across as so meek - like a begging letter?
The word ‘please’ appeared 5 times.


Like this -

  • In the headline - Please join us next month for our …
  • In the sub-heading - Please don’t miss out
  • In the body of the email - Please send your details …
  • In the sign-off - Please do not hesitate to get in touch
  • In the PS - Please remember

In previous blogs, we’ve touched on the need to show confidence in your offer.
What do you mean, ‘Which blogs?’  You’re saying you don’t read every single one?
These blogs, my dear friend -

'If'? 'If?'  What do you mean 'If?'

Be bloody, bold and resolute

Back to begging - the word ‘please’ is one you must avoid -

1 - How can your potential client have confidence in you, if you don’t have confidence yourself?

2 - By adopting this lowly position, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of price negotiation.
     (Like Uzbekistani red wine, something, which for the sake of your health, should be laid down and avoided.)

So - there you have it.
Next time you write a sales letter or email, stand-up straight, shoulders back, chin forward, big bright smile
and tell them how their lives will be improved immeasurably for the better when (not if) they buy your product.

Please, please don’t, just don’t, say ‘please’.

That's all for now.
Time to dig the car out of the snow.

Your unmissable topic for tomorrow will be -

Be yourself - everyone else is taken.

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