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Newsletters. How often? Maybe Ted could teach us a thing or two

Sunday, September 3, 2017
newsletter frequency

Meet Ted.  (Forgive the photo.  He was recovering from a heavy night)
He's my grandson and he loves bubbles.
Who doesn't?
Take one of those little cylinders of soap and blow bubbles through the little plastic hoop - he’ll mercilesly chase each one down.
He’ll blow them, kick them, stamp on them, splat them between his pudgy little hands.
All with a big laughing grin spread across his lovely face.

This could go on for hours - he's endlessly fascinated by each and every bubble that comes his way.

Last week, his Mum and Dad bought one of those battery-operated bubble blowing machines.
What a fantastic toy.
Pour the soap down the funnel, press the ‘on’ button and off it goes - blowing an unending stream of bubbles into the room - hundreds a minute.

The first time it was switched on, Ted gleefully ran through the bubbles one way.
Then the other.
And one more time - but more slowly.
And then … he turned away, distracted, to bash the hell out of his tambourine.
The bubble machine bravely carried on, popping out those wonderful, rainbow coloured bubbles - but Ted was nowhere to be seen.

What has this to do with newsletters?

Well, probably the question that gets asked most often by those who publish newsletters is -
“How often to publish?”
Monthly, fortnightly, weekly … daily even?
Now the honest answer is, no-one knows.  I certainly don’t.  It has to be whatever works for you.

Michael Katz of Blue Penguin Development (my friend and the No.1 newsletter expert - and you really should click on that link) will advise you -
“If you’re good at newsletters and your subscribers like them, why starve them of your amazing talent?  Publish often - but more important, publish regularly”.

But, I wonder, has Ted taught us a lesson here?
Could it not be that a useful and engaging newsletter published once every month will have more impact than one published weekly or daily?
Will a newsletter that tries to grab us too often, soon lose its shine?

I don’t have the answer, although I do have a sneaking suspicion that Ted might.

What do you think?

Till the next time.


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