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SEO - what counts and what doesn't count

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

SEO.  What’s the big deal?

The term SEO was first coined by one Jason Gambert, back in 1995.
He describes SEO as a process.
The process of engineering a website so that it appears as high as
possible in the search engines,
for specific key words or phrases.
Success with SEO means more website visitors.
Something we all want.


And how do I ‘do’ SEO?

Funny.  I thought that might crop up.
Well, some SEO processes are intricate - certainly too intricate for the likes of you and me.  These skills are best left to the specialists.  (I know a few excellent ones.  Give me a call and I’ll put you in touch).

But there are techniques that you can use to give yourself a great chance of impressing Mr. Google and climbing those search engines.

Follow your local fishmonger.  Keep things fresh

1. Keep your content fresh and relevant.  Always think of ways of adding pages, paragraphs or even a few sentences to your content.

2. Regular blogging.

You see - Mr. Google loves websites which are evolving, expanding.  What better way to do this than with blogs?  A blog that’s optimised with your key words and phrases will give your website every chance of leaping up those search engines.

Your blogs don’t have to beautifully written.  Just use a simple, engaging style.  Write about day-to-day issues in your industry that might be of interest to your readers.  Get into the habit of regular blogging and you’ll be able to knock them out in no time at all.

Content is king but functionality is queen

We’re agreed that the words on your website are critical for SEO.  But so is the ‘functionality’ of the site.  How well is it structured?  How easy is it to navigate, to find what your clients are looking for?  How clear and well-defined are the links?  In short, how user-friendly is your website?

Don’t try any funny stuff

Don’t try and be clever.  Don’t try to hoodwink Mr. Google.  For he’s cleverer than you think.  Take him on - and you’ll lose.  Work with him - and you’ll give yourself the best chance of climbing those search engines and reaching the holy grail of Page 1.  Gone are the days when you could plaster your search terms all over your website and find yourself at the top of Google.  These days, what counts most is having loads of visitors who both stay on your website (and yes - Mr. Google does time your visitors!) and move from page to page within your website.

Get these few tips right and you'll be half-way to Google heaven.

And tomorrow’s Advent Calendar copywriting tip?
Repetition, repetition, repetition
a sure-fire way to keep your readers hooked.
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