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Slow, quick, quick, slow ...

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Take your readers for a spin on the dance floor

It won't have escaped your notice that I'm forever going on about brevity - the importance of using short words, short paragraphs, short sentences …
... but wait just a minute.
Is small always beautiful?
Look what happens if your sentences become relentlessly punchy.

They cave in.
They’re short.  Too short.
They lack life.
Each one is a grenade.
Chucked at your reader.
They have impact.  Sure.
Boom!  Bang!  Crash!
One.  Then another.  And another.
Make it stop!

It’s just too much.
Once in a while, we all need a break.
Your reader needs the mental space to allow things to cool down to a gentle simmer … just … like … this.

The secret is to pace your writing.  'Pace' means keeping your reader’s attention by allowing them periodically to gently rise, to fall, to pause and yes - occasionally to hurry, as you lead them on
their way.  When we're thinking about how to write, maybe it's better to think, not of a sprint, but an elegant foxtrot.
Slow, slow, quick-quick, slow.











Here’s an example of perfect pace from the Polish frozen food company, Hortex.

The best fruit and vegetables? Perfect products? Top quality? All natural products with no compromise on taste?  Absolutely!  That’s Hortex, Poland’s number one supplier of frozen food and drinks”.

And tomorrow’s Advent Calendar copywriting tip?
A very bad word that leaves me feeling very annoyed.

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