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So you think you know what matters to your potential customers?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Take a look at these survey results …
and maybe think again about how you structure your website

I’ve just completed a survey.  You might find the results interesting.  In fact, they might make you take a second look at how you prioritise your website pages.


OK - it’s a small sample; just my own database - but the response rate was pretty good - 27%.

Perhaps one reason the response was high was that the survey was simple.  Participants were asked to think about when they look at a website with the intention of buying a product or service.  Then, they were to consider what matters to them most -  

1. the Company History?

2. the Company Mission Statement, Vision or Ethos?

3. the Products or Services the company provides?

4. the people who work for the company (Our Team)?

5. Background Information on the Products or Services?

6. the Testimonials?

7. the Client Portfolio or Case Studies?

8. the Contact Details?


All they had to do was to reply to the survey with the 8 numbers listed in order of importance, for example


Where no.6, company testimonials, are the most important and No. 2, contact details, the least important.

So - what about the results?  Well, they went like this -


3. the Products or Services the company provides

5. Background Information on the Products or Services

6. the Testimonials

8. the Contact Details

7. the Client Portfolio or Case Studies

4. the people who work for the company (Our Team)

2. the Company Mission Statement, Vision or Ethos

1. the Company History


So you can see.  For most people, it’s the product/service information that matters way ahead of anything else.

But here’s a thing -

So many businesses place at the top of their Home Page, information such as this -

Bletsoe & Blincow was founded in 1981, since when we have developed into the region’s premier blah blah

I’ve also seen websites whose Home Page starts with a mission statement.

What lesson are we to take from these results?
Surely it’s this - when potential customers are searching for a product or service, we should assume they’re in a hurry - they’re not in the mood to hang around on your website for very long.

You have a matter of seconds to grab their attention.

And how are you going to do that?
Tell them about your company history, your ethos or your portfolio?

What this survey shows, in its own small way, is that, way ahead of any other consideration, you should be putting, right at the very top of your Home Page - what you sell.
The rest, relatively speaking, is fluff.

What do you think?

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