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The Euro-elections - who won? Brexit, Remain, or the Copywriter's craft?

Or perhaps it was all three?

But first, let’s be clear -
this isn’t a party-political blog.
It's simply a sideways look at
the importance of ...
marketing clarity.


3 little words ...

... to make your readers 'feel'

Maya Angelou.  Wasn’t she great?  Poet, singer, civil rights activist.  And of course, a great copywriter - although that might not be a word she'd have chosen!  She once wrote - and I love this -

“I’ve learned that -
People will forget what you said.
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Blog writer's block - the cure (part 2)

Northampton freelance blog writer

Use Lateral Thinking to break down Writer's Block

The blog from a few weeks back was about writer’s block - how to escape the writer’s curse with a spot of diligent research.

What's that?  You didn't read it?
Shame on you.  You'll find it here.  But this blog is about an alternative cure.  Remember Edward de Bono?  The man who first coined the phrase, 'Lateral Thinking' or ‘The Step-by-Step Guide to Creativity’?  Well, lateral thinking gives us a great way to burst through writer’s block.

Blog writer's block - the cure?

Blog writers block - cure it with research

Do you write a regular blog?  Or do you think you should write a regular blog, but you don’t … because of writer’s block.  Search online.  You’ll find hundreds of results for ‘writer’s block’.  Many of the articles advocate distraction - take a walk, cook a meal, phone a friend, bath the dog, cook the dog, bath a friend.  They might work for you.  They might not.  But whatever distraction technique we use, there’s no getting away from the harsh truth that, sooner or later, we must drag ourselves back to the PC and get serious about writing. <->


And sometimes we find that those clever, sometimes whacky distraction techniques haven't worked.

Let's not get over-excited

freelance copywriter northampton

Exciting?  Really?

I saw this sign just the other day at a Motorway Service station near Birmingham.
When were you last in a fast-food queue, almost losing control with excitement, thinking, 'OMG!  This is so exciting!'?

Hmmm ... I don't know about you, but for me, it's been a while.

We all love a good story

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Philip Pullman

As a child, were you read to at bedtime?  As a parent, did you (do you or will you) read to your kids?


Keep it real bruv

concise business writing

“Look - I’m a technician.  I haven’t a clue about words.  It’s your job to come up with all the flowery language.”

So spoke Bob - my lovely new client.

Once I’d stopped chuckling, I had to let Bob down gently and remind him, that of the many superb services offered by Copywriter Pro, being the purveyor of ‘flowery language’ definitely isn’t one of them.

A simple trick to keep your copy punchy

freelance northampton copywriter

Don't put the sleigh before the reindeer

What do you make of these sentences?

Start using our great new CRM system to improve your efficiency.
Call us today to find out more.
The directors face some tough decisions,
if they want to sort out this mess.

Notice anything odd about them?


Targeting your reader

Who’s it to?

This time of year, every other Saturday afternoon, I cut a sad and
lonely figure.  You’ll see me spending the best part of two hours sitting
in the cold and wet.
The purpose?
To indulge a childhood habit of proffering my support to the somewhat less-than-mighty Northampton Town (aka The Cobblers) football team,
as they labour to avoid yet another morale-sapping defeat.

Cliches - avoid them like the plague

Don't you hate cliches?

I do.  I reckon we all do - well, at least those of us who care about using language to communicate clearly and effectively.

Clichés are boring.  In fact, they're so boring, that when I come across more than two or three in one piece of text, my knees ache.  But what upsets me about them more than anything else is that cliches are a symptom of another pet hate - laziness.


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