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Avoid cliches like the plague

Don't you hate cliches?

I do.  I reckon we all do - well, at least those of us who care about using language to communicate clearly and effectively.

First off, clichés are boring.  In fact, they're so boring, that when I come across more than two or three in one piece of text, my knees ache.  But what upsets me about clichés more than anything else is that they’re a symptom of my other pet hate - laziness.


Meet the Semordnilap

northampton content writer copywriting semordnilap
Of course you all know about Palindromes. (If you don't, don't worry, I won't tell anyone. I'll just whisper it quietly - they're words which spell the same backwards as forwards).

My favourite word

What's you favourite word?
Before you tell me, here's mine.

Firstly, why is it my favourite word? Well, It has three letters - 3 is a great number. Second, my word spells the same backwards as forwards - so it looks pretty.

Is Usain Bolt really the King of pace?

He certainly knows a bit about going flat out, but when we're writing, isn’t pace more subtle than that?

You’ll have noticed that I’m always banging on about the virtues of keeping things short.  Short words, short paragraphs, short sentences … but hang on a minute.  Does this always have to be the case?  Look what happens if your sentences become unrelentingly punchy.

I'm the grammar snob about whom your mother warned you

grammar northampton copywriter

Her's a great video - http://bit.ly/1MHkkCa
At Copywriter Pro, we agree with every word that Mona Chalabi says.
Yes- we love grammar, it's true.  We've spent half a lifetime studying it, enjoying it, arguing about it and hopefully, putting it to good and commercially effective use.
But does this make us grammar snobs?

Have you received yours yet?

#‎ShouldveGoneToCopywriterPro‬ No. 12

So - have you got yours yet? You know ... your tax-payer sponsored leaflet sent to you by HM Government?
What do you think of it? Between you and me, I haven't got past the front cover. I'm still reeling from what is surely one of the poorest headlines ever composed.

Punctuation - does it really matter?

When it comes to getting your message across, does punctuation really matter?

Well, some, like the much maligned semi-colon, perhaps we can live without.

But there are others, like the cute little comma, whose absence could have disastrous results.




The actor George Cole died this week.  His most famous character was Arthur Daley - a loveably hopeless, dodgy wheeler-dealer.  Daley's first principle of business went like this -

"Make contact with your customer.  Understand their needs.  Then flog them something they could well do without!"

What's that, I hear you say?  He was describing the noble craft of the copywriter?!?  Now, we're not having that.  I'll defend the integrity of my trade till my ink runs dry.  But Arthur has touched on a key difficulty for we copywriters - how to persuade potential clients of the value of our services. 


One of life’s most satisfying pastimes is that of driving one’s kids bonkers –
there’s no better way to achieve this than to rain pearls of wisdom down on them.

I’ve always been one to encourage mine to get up off their backsides and try something different – something that will challenge them.
They hate it!
I used to use the following infuriating little saying –

You’ll never grow inside the comfort zone

But here’s an even better one – far more graphic and far more more effective –


word squares at the northampton copywriter

A Great Game for both Word Nerds and People with a Life!

This game has been around for decades and, like all the best games, it’s dead simple.

How to play –
It’s best for 3,4, or 5 players.
Each player draws out a 5 x 5 grid.
Player 1 calls out a letter and everyone has to place it somewhere in their grid.


The aim is to fill the grid with as many words as possible, reading left to right or top to bottom.


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