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Bringing Your LinkedIn Company Pages to Life








There’s a common misconception that LinkedIn is all about personal profiles, networking and career promotion.

In fact, LinkedIn is about much more.

It’s not just about profiling you as an individual – it’s also about promoting your business or your organisation through LinkedIn Pages.

Look at them almost as a free ‘social website’ – an extra mini-site for your business, through which you can freely promote your services.

Why you can't afford NOT to have a LinkedIn Business Page -

  • It’s an extra Free Website
  • If it’s well written, Google and other search engines will rank your page highly
  • A LinkedIn Company Page will aid Lead Generation
  • It will help your Brand exposure
  • Increase your Credibility
  • Increase your Web Traffic
  • You'll be able to share Content and Information
  • You’ll be able to initiate and participate in group discussions

A LinkedIn Page should attract and engage.
This is where I come in.
I use creativity and SEO expertise to create for you a LinkedIn Page that makes your business and its services truly come alive.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Your main LinkedIn Page will give potential clients an overview of services.
But there’s a great add-on too – LinkedIn Showcase Pages.
These are extra mini pages, designed to exhibit your specialisms.
Let’s say you have a law practice.  Your main page will describe your practice in general terms.
You would then add Showcase Pages – one for Family Law, one for Company Law, one for Civil Law etc.

From each Showcase Page, you can post articles to engage with clients who value that specific service.

To give you a better idea, here’s the LinkedIn Page for Copywriter Pro

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