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Make Every Email Count


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"I really enjoyed myself yesterday afternoon, the workshop was great. I've taken a lot from it. You are such a wonderful presenter, engaging, knowledgeable, interesting and fun!"

Suzy Sanders - Admin Angel



When you meet a client face-to-face ...email writing workshops northampton

... you think about what to wear, how to greet the client,
how to make your pitch and how to close the meeting.

But I wonder ... how much trouble do you take over
your day-to-day emails? Aren't they just as important?
Important for building your client relationships and
boosting your brand?

Come along to the next workshop and find out how to

Make Every Email Count

We'll cover all aspects of good emailing practice, from
subject lines to style ...
and no, it won't be all about grammar and punctuation!
We'll deal with -

  • subject lines
  • salutations
  • opening remarks
  • writing style
  • calls to action
  • sentence length
  • choice of words
  • abbreviations
  • formatting
  • proofreading

and masses more.

You'll learn everything you need to know to make
your emails clear, concise and compelling.
using them to build your relationships and
boost your brand.

You'll enjoy unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits ...
of your choice!
Oh ... and a special treat at the interval.

An informative and fun workshop is guaranteed!


Here's what Jacqui and Ashish said -

“I attended Stephen's 'Make every email count' workshop and found the session incredibly useful. It covered all aspects of writing emails that really engage with the reader - subject lines, effective openers, nicely structured email body and, most important, how to close an email.

Stephen's delivery style is straightforward, with plenty of interaction and real-life examples.

I left the session with clear ideas about how to write effective emails. So - thank you Stephen again for the excellent workshop.”

Ashish Kumar - Web Alliance Ltd



"Well prepared ... with good content ... fun and engaging,  Your love and knowledge of the subject shone through"

Jacqui Elmore - Ology Coaching



How will this workshop help my team?
Do you sometimes wince at the emails your people send out?  Do you find yourself saying, "If only the schools would teach them how to write better, we'd look so much more professional."
I guess there's your answer.
And, of course, you can arrange to have your own bespoke session at your place of work.

What difference will the workshop make?
A huge difference. 
It will begin from the moment your contact sees your email drop into their inbox.

  • The chances of your email being opened and read will dramatically increase
  • Your emails will look so much more professional
  • They'll be easier to read and understand
  • Your contacts will feel compelled to reply
  • You and your company will come across as professional, efficient and friendly


What will be the style of the workshop?
Goal-driven, structured, interactive and relaxed.  You'll leave the workshop equipped with new emailing skills for you to start using straight away.
And of course, the workshop will also give you the opportunity to network with a group of like-minded people.

What about the return on my investment?
From the moment you get back to the office, you'll be making a difference.  You'll be thinking about every email you write - boosting your response rate, your relationships and your brand image.

How can I contact you with any questions?
Call me - 07703 472207 or send an email - Stephen@CopywriterPro.co.uk
Or - you can simply book your place here

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