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Northampton Workshops for SMEs

Copywriter Pro is going well.

It's a small business, which is another way of saying, 'there's just me'.

And that's the way I like it.  But, there's no doubt, I'd never have enjoyed such success, had it not been for my desire to learn more.

For me, the most fruitful learning method has been to attend workshops in and around Northampton.

Whether it's been on the value of referral marketing, or negotiation and sales techniques, the chance to learn first-hand from the experts has been invaluable.

So - I thought I'd share the love.

Here are a handful of workshops that I'd recommend to anyone with a solo or small business who's looking to learn -

  • Elevate Your Referrals with Easebusiness workshops northampton referral marketing
    Are you getting all the referrals you want for your business?
    Do you get referrals predictably and consistently or by chance?
    Business owners understand the value of referrals but they don't often have control over their referral business.
    Attend Jacky's workshop on how to make referral marketing work for your business.

    I loved this superbly run workshop.  Experienced referral specialist, Jacky Sherman of Assentiv UK, hosts this workshop every month at Silverstone Innovation Centre.
    Find out more about Jacky's Referral Marketing workshop.


  • How to turn prospects into business

    Julie Futcher of The Sales Manager runs Sales Training workshops to help you develop your sales skills - skills that you're comfortable using and that will increase your revenue.
    Julie's expertise in working with all levels of sales people means that each individual, from “frightened rabbits” to “seasoned pros,” receive sales training relevant for their needs.


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